Overview and general guidelines to submit a contribution to Computo


Submissions to Computo require both scientific content (typically equations, codes, and figures) and a proof that this content is reproducible. This is achieved via the standard notebook systems available for R, Python, and Julia, coupled with the binder building system.

A Computo submission is thus a git(hub) repository typically containing

  • the source of the notebook (a markdown file with yaml metadata) ;
  • auxiliary files, e.g.: a \(\mathrm{bib}\TeX\) file, some static figures in the figs/ subdirectory, configuration files for the binder environment to setup the machine that will build the final notebook file.

The compiled notebook will be generated directly in the github repository via a github action and published, if the action is successfull, to a gh-page. A PDF can be then be submitted to the Computo submission platform, by means of the chrome print function.

More details can be found in the following templates, which serve as material for starting to write your submission, and as a documentation for doing so. The process is described in a dedicated post.


To start writting your own contribution, do not start from scratch!! You must clone the github repositories associated with one of the following templates. Then, rename it an share it on your onw github account.

Available templates

Choosing the quarto system would help us in the final formatting process of your article. Moreover, it supports both R, Python and Julia!

  1. Template for writing a contribution for Computo based on Quarto
    Computo editorial board
    Computo, 2021.
  2. Template for writing a contribution for Computo based on Rmarkdown
    Computo editorial board
    Computo, 2021.
  3. Template for writing a contribution for Computo based on Myst/Jupyter book
    Computo editorial board
    Computo, 2021.

Submit your work

Once your are happy with your notebook AND that the github-action is successful , you may submit your PDF via Scholastica, our platform for peer-reviewing:

Submit to Computo